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About Us

Started in 2014, Zadina Abayas was born to showcase the world the latest modest fashion. Zadina Abayas soon outgrew from a small studio in East London, and opened a boutique on the high street. 181 Green Street, London E7 8JE their flagship store.

The label has become known for its glamorous and contemporary style appealing to all women of all ages. It was all about the culture of modest fashion. The modern women who loves fashion and also loves to preserve the culture in its true essence.

Zadina is a brand which is built upon many years of research, and was one of the first labels to enable a fusion to create a high end fashion label which is affordable as well. So, if you are looking for a stunning brand to have you look glamorous then, Zadina Abayas is your first and last stop.

Learning and Living with the upcoming women, Zadina has become a very strong and famous brand. We have taken this brand to a whole new level with a complete understanding of what a women desires.

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