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Modest clothing can be fashionable like abaya, too, and that's why we offer you an exciting, broad range of abayas. Here's what you can expect to find here!

Everyone's styles, fashion, and desires are different, which is why we offer you a myriad of abayas. These can be classified according to their designs, which can be traditional and modern, for instance. These are also classified according to materials, colors, and embellishments. So, don't worry, for we've got you covered, no pun intended! No matter how unique your desire and style are, you're bound to find it here.

Here's what you can buy from ZadinaAbayas

Let's cut to the chase. It can be challenging to find what you're looking for, especially for special occasions. That's why we always keep a large stock of various styles of abayas to satisfy every taste and dream. So, if you haven't found it elsewhere, you can find it in our shop.

Abayas, as a piece of clothing, are as versatile as they come. You can wear it at home, at work, at parties, or for any occasion and situation you can think of. Besides, these comfortable pieces will keep the sun's heat away, as well as dust and grime to keep you fresh when you step outside. Whether you're looking for an abaya for use at home or an opulent piece to wear at parties, we've got you covered.

Our stores are always packed full of stylish abayas, which means you'll always find what you're looking for here. Choose from: 

Essential abayas

Are you looking for an elegant and comfortable item? Our collection of essential abayas is both stylish and practical in equal measures. Wear trendy and eye-catching evening wear and have a great time with friends and family. Be sure to smile and accept the compliments coming your way, though!

Occasion abayas

For special occasions where you want your abaya to have a dash of elegance and luxury, please choose from our many designs. These are highly desired pieces due to their ingenious designs, clever detailing, and beautiful fabrics. Sport show-stopping abayas that are perfect for weddings, parties, and other special events.  

Open abayas

Are you looking for something unique? Something so different in design yet beautiful that no one will be able to take their eyes off you? Behold our open abayas. These have many styles, like open jackets and batwing-style abayas. Sport an open cloak-like abaya for a relaxing time, which is comfortable yet elegant enough with a rope tassel belt at the waist.


This variation is adaptable and perfect for every occasion. Comfortable and gorgeous, these kimonos Abayaare ideal for wearing at home, at social events, and work. Besides, kimonos come in a wide range of styles and designs, which will delight the discerning buyer in you.

Jibabs or prayer abayas

These sets are ideal for use at home during prayers for special religious occasions like Eid and Ramadan and for religious pilgrimages like Haj and Umrah. Jibabs have a simple yet elegant design, are light and comfortable, and come in a number of styles like one-piece and two-piece. Here, you'll also find luxury abayas and capes for such occasions.

Pick your colour

You want your abaya to be as unique as you and to reflect your personality. We keep a significant collection of abayas whose myriad colours shall pleasantly dazzle you. Our shades reflect the current fashion trends. Want something for the bright summer months? Look for light colours. Want something for winter? Pick one sporting a richer, darker shade to keep you warm naturally. How about multiple abayas for the whole year? We've got you covered!

Convenient shopping for abayas at your fingertips

We offer a convenient and easy way to buy the latest fashion items from a mind-bending vast collection. Whether you're looking for abayas to wear to work, for parties, at home, or for prayers, you'll find them at our shop.

We make your shopping experience as simple as possible. Every item is categorized and indexed according to its features, like type, colour, design, and the like. This makes your searches fun, fast, and easy. We also have a convenient size guide to help you get the item that fits you perfectly and is comfortable and practical.

Affordable, cutting-edge fashion

While we offer you fashionable and comfortable abayas, kimonos, and cloaks for all occasions, we ensure these items remain affordable as well. Shopping with us means you can always expect high-quality items at great value. Expect your pocket-friendly purchases to reflect the latest trends!

Are you looking for gorgeous abayas? Look no further. Shop at our store and let us help you to choose as many abayas as you want.

Have a question? We're here to help. Just shoot a question at enquiries@zadinaabayaslondon.comand our experts will get back to you!

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